Mario Kart Tour’s Holiday Tour, Which Celebrates Christmas and New Year, is Out Now on Android

Mario Kart Tour is rolling two celebrations into one with its Holiday Tour, which celebrates Christmas and New Year together.

The Spotlight Characters this time around include Yoshi (Reindeer) and Pauline (Party Time), while Birdo also makes an appearance as a new Driver.

Yoshi (Reindeer) and Pauline (Party Time) Are the New Spotlight Characters This Time Around

There are plenty of Karts too, including Red Streamliner, Turbo Birdo, Jingle Bells, Platinum Taxi, and Bruiser.

Meanwhile, where Gliders are concerned, you can get New Year’s 2020 as part of this Tour’s Value Pack, as well as Piston Glider, Pink Flower Glider, and Gift Glider.

Curiously, New York Minute returns in a second iteration, along with other new courses that we haven’t unlocked yet. It looks like there’s a new Rainbow Road, at least, judging from the trailer.

You can check out that trailer above, or head straight on over to Google Play and grab Mario Kart Tour or the latest update right away.

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