Mario Kart Tour’s Online Multiplayer is Now Available in Beta For Gold Pass Members

Mario Kart Tour finally has online multiplayer, months after launching on Android. The bad news is that it’s exclusive to Gold Pass members right now.

But before you get all upset and start throwing shade in the comments, this is a limited time beta, and the full online multiplayer will be available to free players when it launches properly.

Mario Kart Tour’s Online Mode Keeps the Points System

We’ve had a quick go on it and we have to say we’re not particularly impressed with the current iteration. The points system remains, which makes it heavily pay to win, and you have to wait ages to get into a match.

Still, we won’t judge it too harshly, as this is just a test. We imagine it will change a bunch as we head closer to launch.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Mario Kart Tour. You’ll need the Gold Pass to check out online multiplayer.

However, there’s still plenty of new content for those that don’t own the Gold Pass, as the Holiday Tour launched yesterday.

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