D3 Go! will be adding a new character to their Marvel Puzzle Quest game tomorrow

Marvel has a ton of IPs in mobile gaming, and they have announced an update to one of their games, that being Marvel Puzzle Quest by D3 Go. For those of you not familiar with Marvel Puzzle Quest, this is a Match-three RPG with a Marvel Universe theme to it. Players can recruit characters, level them up RPG-style, compete in tournaments, use the match-three mechanic to fight villains, and also take advantage of the social elements such as forming alliances with friends, and competing for the top spot on the global leaderboards.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is written exclusively by Marvel’s Frank Tieri (who’s been involved with Iron Man, Wolverine, and Weapon X) and Ale Irvine (also involved in Iron Man, The Rapture, and Daredevil Noir). So, with the background of the game out of the way, Marvel has announced that they’re adding the black costume Spider-man to the game.

While no other stat-specific details are mentioned in the announcement, it is mentioned that this alternate Spider-man would be “joining the ranks of Silver Surfer, Old Man Logan, and Phoenix Jean Grey at the strongest level of play in the game“. The new Spider-man will be making his appearance in Marvel Puzzle Quest beginning tomorrow.

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