Day: 13 January 2016


Codemasters’ Military Sim Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is Now Available on Nvidia Shield

Everyone loves a good first-person shooter with their tales of action, pantomime villains and awesome military hardware, but when the fictional fighting is over you might be left wanting something a little more authentic to modern day combat. That’s what Codemasters tries to deliver in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which is now available to stream on GeForce Now.


[Update: Game Released] Juggernaut Wars is a new Action-RPG title heading to Android next month has a new game their are publishing onto mobile devices soon called Juggernaut Wars. This particular game is a mix of Action-RPG gameplay along with MOBA style mechanics, all wrapped up into one title. The world in this game is actually based around the company’s previous title called Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, which some of you may be familiar with.


D3 Go! will be adding a new character to their Marvel Puzzle Quest game tomorrow

Marvel has a ton of IPs in mobile gaming, and they have announced an update to one of their games, that being Marvel Puzzle Quest by D3 Go. For those of you not familiar with Marvel Puzzle Quest, this is a Match-three RPG with a Marvel Universe theme to it. Players can recruit characters, level them up RPG-style, compete in tournaments, use the match-three mechanic to fight villains, and also take advantage of the social elements such as forming alliances with friends, and competing for the top spot on the global leaderboards.


Coming soon to Android, new open world RPG called Exiled Kingdoms from 4 Dimension Games

Released by 4 Dimension Games, Exiled Kingdoms is a role playing game styled after the classics of yore. One century ago, during the fall of the Andorian Empire, was a magical disaster that opened up the world to nightmares that nearly annihilated mankind. Some survived by fleeing to a remote colony that was positioned on a dangerous island that has gone largely unexplored, and there they were unable to elect a new emperor.