Dr Who And Witcher Actors Appear In Interactive Story Mia And The Dragon Princess

Feature image for our Mia And The Dragon Princess news piece. It shows a live action screen with a woman in a hospital gown, extending her hand.

Mia And The Dragon Princess, a game from the creators of The Complex, Ten Dates, and Bloodshore is out now on Android. This interactive live-action story brings an exciting narrative, crazy martial arts, and some famous acting talent to the table. It’s got our attention, definitely.

The game stars the titular Mia, a young barmaid with ambitions of bravery and adventure dampened by everyday routine, and her sense of responsibility toward her colleagues.

Her humdrum life abruptly turns upside-down with the arrival of a mysterious woman, who cannot speak English and seems on the run from some very dangerous people.

A Few Big Names Involved

Mia And The Dragon Princess is an interactive action movie and features a few names you might recognize. There’s Paul McGann, who played the eighth Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who film and reprised it the 2013 Night Of The Doctor.

There’s also MyAnna Buring, another Doctor Who alumni, as well as roles in The Descent, Downton Abbey, and even Netflix’s The Witcher.

As well as the acting, you’ve got action scenes designed by Marcus Shakesheff, best known for his work on Guardians Of The Galaxy and Game Of Thrones.

Action And Interaction

As you play, you’ll make choices through the scenes that affect how the story plays out. You’ll not only be trying to deal with the hazardous situation playing out with the enigmatic woman, but also attempting to keep your little group of found family together through some very difficult times.

Depending on how you choose to approach situations, events can play out in extremely different ways. And unlike a few of the interactive narrative games out there, there are drastically different endings depending on how you maintain your relationships and react to the events that take place.

If this sounds like something you’d be into, check out the listing on Google Play.

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