MMX Hill Climb is the next game from Hutch Games and you can pre-register now

Hutch Games has had successful entries in the Play Store with the different driving/racing games that they have produced. If you have played Smash Cops Heat, Smash Cops Bandit or MMX Racing, then you know what I am talking about. Their latest game, which is soon to be released, is MMX Hill Climb. It takes what was great about MMX Racing and ratchets it up a notch.

I have enjoyed playing pretty much all the complete catalog of Hutch Games racing games. MMX Hill Climb was a nice entry into the racing genre that was popularized by games like CSR Racing. Hutch Games used a similar format and threw in some monster vehicles, a little bit of a story, and added a fair amount of customization available for your monster trucks. With MMX Hill Climb, the tracks are wildly different, as are the environments and the vehicles you will have an opportunity to race.

MMX Hill Climb will test your skills when it comes to physics based racing.  Hill Climb games are challenging in that you have to have the right amount of acceleration to progress on the inclines without overdoing it, which could cause you to crash. Throw in the fact that it is a race against time and other people, and gameplay gets competitive pretty quickly.

MMX Racing was free to play, so more than likely the follow up to that game will use the same free-to-play structure. We don’t have a confirmed release date yet, but the game appears to be in soft-launch in some areas. If you are interested in checking out this game upon release, you can pre-register for it now in the Google Play Store.

MMX Hill Climb Features:

  • Upgrade your truck and own the leaderboard.
  • Race your friends, let them know who’s best.
  • A Truckload of tracks and courses
  • Drive the Big Rig, the Tank, the Muscle Classic and many more

If you pre-register for the game, there will be an in-game bonus that you receive once you install and play it.

Hutch Games are quite impressive graphically, and the game design is intriguing as well. Based on the video that they have released, it appears this will be another fun and welcome entry into Hutch Games catalog of racing titles. If you a fan of the racing genre, and enjoy point to point style racing games, MMX Hill Climb should stay on your radar. We will let you know when it is time to hit the gas and go for the download. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the game. The link for pre-registration is also included at the end of this article.

MMX Hill Climb Pre-registration: MMX Hill Climb

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