Monday Morning Humor: Who got us on April Fool’s Day? Infinite Dreams did!

Ahh April Fool’s day, the day where you aren’t quite sure if anything is true. We love to pull our fair share of pranks and generally don’t fall for any either but our friends at Infinite Dreams put the work in and got us! Back on April 1st our friends at Infinite Dreams sent us a sneak peek at Sky Force: Revolution, or so we thought!

Complete with concept art, the email said we would be getting more news regarding the third installment into the Sky Force series of games. However, the news instead this morning was regarding the fact it was an April Fool’s prank. Being the highly professional gaming reporters we are, we took the fact that there was concept art and everything as the whole thing being legitimate.

They said they are going to get us next year as well, we shall see though! Perhaps we will get you instead! We would just like to give a shout out to the crew over at Infinite Dreams for pulling off an awesome prank on us! Good job guys! I knew the Octopus on the mountains seemed fishy but completely normal for video games.

While there may not be a 3rd installment coming to the Sky Force series just yet, the interest generated may change that!

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

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