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World of Tanks Generals offers up a limited edition flying tank card for April Fools

As you can probably tell from the current trend of articles posted on our site today, there is a lot going on for April Fools Day, all of it being funny. Wargaming.net is doing their own thing for April Fools Day but you may be asking yourself “Why didn’t they add this to their April Fools Day list like almost everything else?” The answer is because even though this is an April Fools Day joke, it is also real.


[Updated] April Fools Day List Part 2: Hearthstone version Changelog, Pac-Man in Ingress, elgooG, Google Smartboxes and more

Yesterday we began rounding up the April Fools Day jokes and pranks we came across. Even though for us April Fools Day didn’t start until today, depending on where you live in the world April Fools Day was yesterday for you, hence the Google Japan jokes and Samsung getting in on the action as well. However, now it is April Fools Days for us and there are plenty of jokes and pranks going on already. We will just be keeping a running list of the funnier ones we see.


It’s April Fools Day – YouTube shutting down, Google Treasure Maps, Nokia Microwaves and more

There is one day a year where the world tends to devolve back to when we were 10 years old and pulling pranks and jokes on other people is the standard policy of the day. That day is today April 1st, or otherwise known as April Fools Day for the comically inclined people out there. If you don’t have a sense of humor, this is the worst day of the year for you. For the rest of us, it is a day of launching or getting laughed at.


D.G. Edition Nexus One

For anyone who knows me, they know I talk to a lot of people over at Google about various things when it comes to Android. I’ve been working with them on a project and until now I haven’t been able to say a word about it. Well the project is finally done and we here at Droid Gamers are proud to announce the Droid Gamers edition of the Nexus One on sale now.