The classic Mutant League Football will be making a comeback with a new version for Android devices

One of the top selling SEGA Genesis games from 1994 was a football game called Mutant League Football. This new version has already been nominated for the Most Promising IP category in this years Game Connection America 2015 Development awards. In other words it is looking pretty damn good.

Mutant League Football 2nd gen, as we will be calling it, is a tribute to the original game that was so popular back in the mid-90s for SEGA Genesis owners. If you are unfamiliar with this game, essentially it takes Football and sticks a bunch of monsters in it as the players, adds plenty of blood and mayhem, and creates what is now called Mutant League Football. This game was so popular back then that is had a spin-off game as well called Mutant League Hockey, also for the Sega Genesis back in 1994, as well as a toy line, an animated cartoon series, trading cards, and more.

Mutant League Football Features:

– Mutants vs. Monsters: The stars of the league are wisecracking, Monsters and Mutants with special skills, abilities and weapons. The game will feature Battle Robots, Undead Skeletons, Demons, Orcs, Mutant Super-Humans and Aliens. 
– Full Season Mode: Choose from over 30 teams and play a grueling 13 game season where deaths can carry over from game to game and be one of the few teams that survives to compete in the Playoffs for a chance to reach the ultimate glory of the Mayhem Bowl.
– Gridiron Carnage: The wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever! Players are allowed to bring weapons on the gridiron like: clubs, chain saws, shotguns, battle axes and hand grenades to inflict maximum carnage to the opposition. Over the top visual and gore effects including blood splatters, deaths, fire effects, exploding body parts and dismemberment.
– Killer Stadiums: Stadiums are packed with crazed fans cheering their teams on as they go into battle. This isn’t a field of dreams – it’s more like a field of screams, because fields are filled with diabolical traps, hazards and obstacles, including mines, toxic moats and lava flows. If the hazards don’t kill you the weather probably will, so watch out for acid rain, blizzards and the occasional meteor shower.
– Dirty Trick Plays: These are mean, nasty, unfair and lowdown plays intended to hose the opposition and if that doesn’t work, kill them. Each team has its own set of Dirty Tricks including: “Bribe the Ref” – you can give the ref some money to look the other way. “Beat It” – your Running Back pulls out a giant club and pounds the defense into submission and “Ginormous: – where your Blitzer grows 5X his normal size. Have fun blocking that!
– Tongue-Through-Cheek Humor: A fun, entertaining and off-the-wall parody of the NFL…with all the excitement, hard-hitting action, lunacy, unspeakable greed, corporate ruthlessness, hypocrisy and over-the-top egos the NFL has to offer.

As of right now there is no specific release date or price tag announced for Mutant League Football, only that it is coming soon to multiple platforms which does include Android. The good news is that we will be learning a lot more, as well as going hands-on, with Mutant League Football while we are at GDC 2015 next week. So we will have plenty to report soon.

Official Website: Mutant League Football

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