[MWC 2012] Com2Us’ upcoming Crystal Hunter game is like a blend of Diablo, Gun Bros and Star Wars

Our friends over at the french mobile gaming site Pockett Videogames is always covering the news from the European events such as MWC 2012. This is one of those stories and it is about Com2US and their game which is currently in development called Crystal Hunter.

This new game is apparently like a blend of Diablo, Star Wars and Gun Bros whereas it is like Diablo with the top-down gameplay mechanics, Gun Bros with other gameplay mechanics found in it and Star Wars as the type of universe it is set in. This means it is a top-down dual-stick shooter that is set in the future.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of details available this game or how big it will be, whether multiplayer will be included or anything like that. The version that was available at MWC 2012 was only one level with one character. Still, this sounds like a promising game and the visuals are all 3D graphics. The good news is we shouldn’t have to wait long to learn more about it as Crystal Hunter will be available for iOS and Android this month in South Korea with the rest of the world getting it shortly after.

Image courtesy of  Hatena (Japanese)

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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