N3V Games developing 3D zombie survival shooter for Android called Dead on Arrival

N3V Games has announced that they are working on a new game which will be a 3D survival shooter where your goal is to survive masses of zombies who want to eat you. If the developers name seems familiar, it should. They also developed My First Trainz Set for Tegra 2 Android device and also have their hardcore train simulator, Trainz, coming out soon as well.

But back to the zombie massacre shall we? The game will be called Dead on Arrival and will feature some unique gameplay in that you will start off in a limited area and from there, as you progress, you will unlock new areas/room in which to seek refuge and kill more zombies. As you open up more areas, new weapons become available as well to buy or find to help you out.


  • Face paced action survival shooter
  • Survive massive waves of zombies!
  • Purchase loads of weapons to defend yourself with
  • Border up doors to keep some of the zombies out for a short moment
  • Unlock rooms to move the fight into, each room holds a different weapon to purchase.
  • Look for the random box which holds the most powerful guns! Doesn’t mean you will always get them though.
  • Massive hospital level to explore and defence yourself
  • Tutorial level to help explain the gameplay while also giving you access to explore the power of each gun
  • Full 3D action and gore theme set in high detailed graphics perfect for mobile!


Think of Welcome to Hell by DvideArts but more isolated and difficult. The great thing that N3V Games is doing though is their development blog that they just opened up about Dead on Arrival. Even though the game has been in development for at least 4 months, they are letting people try out each development build over the next little while as the game gets closer to release. You will be able to play these games through your browser is you have the Unity Player plug-in installed. The first build is the original development build that is over 4 months old and is pretty raw (mostly about controls development and collision) as the video below talks about.

We will keep you up-to-date as this game progresses and when we find out any information from our friends at N3V Games regarding when this will be released onto Android or if this will be a Terga exclusive game.

Developer Website: N3V Games

Development Blog: Dead On Arrival Blog

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