New action platformer called ReadyAction has you starring in movies

There is yet another new action platformer on the Google Play store but this time it is from a developer going by the name of PlayBean Co. LTD. and is called ReadyAction. Actually for some name on the Google Play store is ★MarioAction★ReadyAction although after installing it there is no reference to Mario in the game icon in the app tray or in the game’s title when you fire it up.

ReadyAction is an entertaining action platformer as you will be playing as Jimmy, at least when you start, who has been casted to be in a movie. This is where the game gets rather interesting and humorous. The movies you get a part in almost seem like a badly dubbed martial arts movie from back in the late 70’s or early 80’s. On top of that, if you have ever seen the old Batman television show, you will know that when Batman or Robin were beating up the bad guys that words like “Smack”, “Biff”, “Whomp”, among other words, would appear on the screen. Well in this game you get to enjoy that happening as well.

The Google Play description really doesn’t get into the game too much and unfortunately doesn’t make a whole lot of sense which might actually turn away prospective players. Even though the description, along with some of the game dialog, is in broken English, it almost adds to the overall enjoyment of the game since it is like a badly dubbed movie. The first movie has a total of 25 levels to work your way through while other movies remained locked until you finish the first one.

While ReadyAction is free, there are optional in-game purchase of a Plus version which will net you an extra 4000 coins that you can use to unlock other characters that you can play as. There are also a couple of costumes that you can purchase to dress your guy up as well. The purchase of the Plus version is completely optional since you can purchase all of these things naturally by collecting coins that are in each level. You can also skip the free version altogether and just buy the Plus version for $2.64 instead of going through the in-game purchase process.

Developer Website: PlayBean

Google Play Link: ReadyAction (Free version)

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