Day: July 25, 2012

Game News

New action platformer called ReadyAction has you starring in movies

There is yet another new action platformer on the Google Play store but this time it is from a developer going by the name of PlayBean Co. LTD. and is called ReadyAction. Actually for some name on the Google Play store is ★MarioAction★ReadyAction although after installing it there is no reference to Mario in the game icon in the app tray or in the game’s title when you fire it up.

Game Reviews

Auralux Game Review – Aim for the stars in this simply designed strategy game

Originally a PC title released last year, Auralux is a real-time strategy game with an ultra-simple design in all aspects of the game, be it the graphics, gameplay, sound or controls. I am serious when I say ‘ultra-simple’ – I have never played a game with such a stripped down design (no it’s not bad at all). Anyway, I have been waiting for some time for this game to make its way onto Android. Now that it’s here, does it live up to my expectations? Read on to find out.

Game News

Broken Walls Studios releases a new action platformer called Abuga: Enter StrangeWorld

Broken Walls Studios has released a new action platformer onto Google Play called Abuga: Enter StrangeWorld. If you haven’t heard of Broken Walls Studios before, they usually deal with live wallpapers but have decided to branch out into game development. This is actually one of two action platformers that they have released recently, the other being An Indie Game.