New details and a video released by Rovio for upcoming Amazing Alex game

We have been keeping an eye on Rovio over the last month or so in the hopes that they would release more details about their upcoming non-Angry Birds themed game Amazing Alex. Originally a decently popular iOS game called Casey’s Contraptions, Rovio recently acquire the IP and are remaking / re-branding the game before releasing it onto both Android and iOS.

We haven’t really heard too much about this re-branded version of Amazing Alex since the time Rovio acquired it other than the fact that the original was pulled from the iOS marketplace after Rovio got their hands on it. Nowe have a bit more information about what this new version will be like and even a nice little video to enjoy.

Amazing Alex isn’t going to stray too far from the original game’s concept. You will be playing as Alex who love to create Rube Goldberg type of machines and contraptions that have big chain reactions when they are run in order to do a simple task like turning a page in a book or move a ball six inches. Each puzzle in this game will have more than one solution so creativity will play a factor in how successful you are in each stage. If you are especially creative in any particular level, you will be able to share the solution with your friends.

Much like the Apparatus game for Android, Amazing Alex will come with a built-in level editor where players can create their own levels and share them with the rest of the players who can turn around and try to solve your custom built levels. You will have 35 different interactive objects at your disposal for level building.

As is stands right now, Amazing Alex is slated for release on Android and iOS sometime in July 2012. Rovio is planning a big launch which is suppose to be bigger than Angry Birds Space so I’m sure we will hear more about the game as it nears it’s launch date. The video above doesn’t show any gameplay but you at least get to learn a bit more about Alex and the game itself. Don’t forget, this isn’t the only non-Angry Birds game Rovio is working on either due out this year.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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