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Nexon Mobile MMO V4 Gets a New Halidom Rush PvP Mode in Its Latest Update

V4, the popular MMORPG from Nexon Mobile, has just received a significant update adding a whole new PvP mode called Halidom Rush.

Available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 8pm and 8.59pm PT, Halidom Rush will allow players to compete in capture the flag-style rounds. The aim is to pick up the Halidom and carry it to a certain point. Mounts and fast-travel are not permitted.

To find Halidom Rush, players will need to visit the Lunatra Field Ruinous Volcano, where a dimensional rift will open up to allow passage. There are five different Halidoms – one per server – and the players who win their Halidom Rush events will get a Hero’s Benedition buff.

The latest V4 update also merges the Madding Forest, Curse Plains, and Anguished Forest regions into one convenient super-region, and a new area has been added called Arrogant Plains.

Finally, there are new gear slots for vessals and medals. At long last.

You can download V4 for free right now on the Google Play Store.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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