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Niantic Has Tweaked Pokemon Go in Response to Coronavirus

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Developer Niantic has made several changes to Pokemon Go in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The changes are designed to limit the amount of time players spend outside, where they are at greater risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

In a statement issued to Polygon, Niantic revealed the changes that it has made to keep players safe.

Increased Habitats, Cheaper Incense, Faster Incubators

First up, the developer is increasing habitats, so that trainers don’t have to venture too far to find monsters. Secondly, the price of incense packs is being slashed by 99%, allowing players to attract more monsters to their homes. 

Incubators have also been tweaked so that they require fewer steps before hatching eggs, and PokeStops are dropping more gifts, reducing the number of visits that players need to make. 

These changes will be in place until further notice.  

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