Makima and Power Arrive in the Nikke x Chainsaw Man Event

feature image for our nikke chainsaw man event news article, the image features promo art for the event of chainsaw man characters called makima and power who has a cat on her shoulder, there is also text of their names at the bottom as well as their character rarity which is SSR

As we’ve been eagerly following the announcement of the Nikke x Chainsaw Man event, it’s only right that we follow up with an exciting update. The collaboration between both franchises is finally here. For the next 20 days, you can try your hand at obtaining Power and Makima – or both! 

What’s in the Nikke x Chainsaw Man Event?

Not only are there three Chainsaw Man characters now available in the action-packed shooter RPG, but there’s also an incredibly engaging storyline to play through too. The event comes with its own daily log-in rewards, as well as a set of missions to complete every day.

If you wish to do so, you can also purchase the special Nikke x Chainsaw Man battle pass for extra rewards as you participate in the event. You can also receive Himeno for free! So far we know that there are two chapters in the collab storyline – meaning there is plenty of Chainsaw Man content.

Power, Makima, Himeno, Denji, and Aki all make an appearance throughout the plot, making it the perfect event for major fans of the anime and manga series.

Say Hello to Makima and Power!

If you don’t manage to obtain Power or Makima through their character banners within 200 pulls, you can use a special currency to purchase either one. This is a standard protocol for every character banner in the gacha game. It’s a useful way to keep players interested, and gives the unlucky ones a chance to get their favorite character!

What is Nikke?

Nikke is certainly an interesting instalment in the gacha genre, but despite its risque style, it’s proven pretty popular amongst fans. Enjoy a surprisingly immersive storyline as you delve into this sci-fi shooter with RPG elements. 

Collect a range of characters and upgrade them as you progress through the game. Even the combat is engaging, with a unique spin on gacha gameplay. For more information about the game, visit the game’s official website or download the game from Google Play now!

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