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You Can Soon Hide Makima’s Coat In Nikke Due To Fan Outrage

feature image for our nikke collab news piece, the image features promo art for makima from chainsaw man in the game, as well as art of the new costume for makima as she holds a gun without her coat

Well, the Chainsaw Man Nikke collab is currently ongoing, and it’s proven pretty popular among fans of the gacha game and the anime/manga series. However, there’s one complaint that seems to be circulating online at the moment, and that is: “Why is Makima wearing a coat?”

Makima’s Coat in the Nikke Collab

Now, it sounds like a pretty strange question if you’re not familiar with the nature of Nikke itself. However, the game prides itself on over-the-top character designs with larger-than-life assets. Fans were hoping to get a glimpse of Makima with an equally over-the-top animation, but alas, they did not. 

Makima’s release is an exciting time for some, but a lot of players are unhappy that she’s wearing her iconic long black coat. It’s not uncommon for some Nikke characters to be wearing a long coat or a piece of clothing that hides certain parts of their body – but Chainsaw Man fans didn’t want this to apply to Makima.

Free Costume for Makima

So, the developers have listened, and they are adding a free costume for Makima in an update that is due on March 2nd. Keep in mind that this costume is a reward that you can obtain by completing a set of missions. 

We’re not too sure what these missions are just yet, but we assume that they are pretty easy to get through. Though with this being a free costume, there may be a bit of grinding to do!

As funny as this situation is, it does show how much the developers actually listen to the players. They could easily ignore the complaints, but instead, they’re creating more Nikke collab content with it.

Fans can now sleep easy, knowing that they can play as Makima without her coat in the shooter RPG gacha.

What is Nikke?

Nikke is certainly an interesting instalment in the gacha genre, but despite its risque style, it’s proven pretty popular among fans. Enjoy a surprisingly immersive storyline as you delve into this sci-fi shooter with RPG elements. 

Collect a range of characters and upgrade them as you progress through the game. Even the combat is engaging, with a unique spin on gacha gameplay. For more information about the game, visit the game’s official website or download the game from Google Play now!

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