No one dies alone in Sunburn from Noodlecake Games

Released by Noodlecake studios, Sunburn is a puzzle game with an outer space setting.

Players assume the role of an astronaut who, along with the rest of the crew, survived the destruction of their space faring vessel after it collided with a comet. While the crew survived in its entirety, they are dispersed. Players will use a jetpack to navigate around comets, meteors, and stars in an attempt to navigate around and tether the other crew mates together, so that despite a hopeless situation, no one dies alone. Once everyone in a sector has been reunited, you had for the sun. Ouch. The game has over fifty different puzzles, that all focus around gravity, oxygen management, molten planets, and other hazards. Players can track their achievements and compare with their friends via Google Play Games. 

Sunburn Features:

– Blast through 50+ challenging, gravity-bending levels
– Discover a variety of dangerous new planets and obstacles
– Use your jetpack to navigate asteroid fields and avoid deadly comets
– Unite and ignite 14 cute crew members, each with their own personality
– Track achievements and compete with your friends on Google Play
– Astronauts, catstronauts, and a dog named Moosetracks
– The game is available from both Google Play as well as the Amazon Appstore for $2.99

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