Non-Android Related GDC Highlights

Even though we are all about Android gaming, there comes a time when we just have to report on the gaming industry in general (considering that if you like gaming on your phone, chances are you own some sort of console system or a computer game or 2.) Well here is where we will ‘quick list’ the more major announcements coming from GDC 2010. If I miss anything, leave a comment and let me know!

– Rock Band 3 has been announced for Christmas Release! – Related Info – 1up & More Info – Edge Magazine

– Battlestar Galactica Online Announced. – Related Info – Edge Magazine

– Final Fantasy XIII Released, PS3 version includes bonus items and possible beta access to FFXIV. – Related Info – 1up

– Codemasters Unveils Stuart Black’s New First-Person Shooter – Related Info – 1up

– EA teams up with 38 Studios on upcoming RPG – Related Info – G4TV & More Info- Gamepro

– Seven45 Studios Announces Power Gig: Rise of the Six String for Fall release – Related Info – Engadget & Hands-on – Engadget

– Street Fighter 4: Hakan revealed. – Related Info – G4TV

– OnLive (Games on Demand) to Launch June 17th – Related Info – Gamepro

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