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Nova is Now a Playable Character in Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions now features Nova as a playable character. If you don’t know that is, he’s high school student-turned superhero, Richard Rider.

To give you a taste of his backstory, Rider was an ordinary student in New York who came in contact with Nova Corps, an alien peace-keeping force.

Nova is a High School Student Turned Super Hero

When Nova Corps’ home planet, Xandar, is invaded by space pirate Zorr, the last surviving member of the force, Rhomann Dey, chooses Rider to replace him.

Rider receives the Nova Centurion outfit and powers and becomes a fully-fledged superhero known as Nova.

For the full lowdown on how Nova plays in Marvel Contest of Champions, check out the official site. You can also grab the game right now on Google Play.

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