NVIDIA’s NVISION Looks To Be Your One Stop Media Center for News

NVIDIA’s own TegraZone is a dedicated app to showcase Tegra exclusive games. New owners of Tegra powered devices can look no further than (except Droidgamers of course) this app to find news and upcoming games and essentially anything Tegra related. With the release of NVISION, the company looks to go beyond gaming and cover all manners of entertainment.

NVISION is a very slick app. With tabs crowning the top, you can easily access stories regarding Android, consoles, PC games, and general gaming news. NVISION goes beyond what TegraZone offers: ¬†Movies, apps, new gadgets and even trailers are covered in a unique visual treat. Currently flying under a ‘Beta’ tag, the app already looks very much polished and has a number of really cool¬†transitions.

The bad news? As this is NVIDIA app it’s only available to Tegra powered devices and by devices we mean tablets. If you already own a NVIDIA powered tablet, I suggest you grab it for free. You can check out a preview of NVISION in the video below.

Google Play Link: Nvision

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