Official Sony Playstation App coming to Android soon, at least in Europe

Now we could read into this a whole lot and plug this entire thing in regards to the Sony Playstation Android phone which is one the way soon. We won’t though, at least not much. However, it is interesting that Sony would now plan to release an official Playstation application for Android, and iOS as well.

We also won’t read into the fact that it is promo’d in a picture on a Sony Ericsson X10 which looks a lot like the Playstation phone’s form. No we won’t do that at all! Actually yes we will but quietly. If you are a Playstation fan though you’ll be happy to know that this application by Sony will be available soon to Android users.

In version 1.0 you’ll be able to:

Check out your PlayStation Network trophies and keep up to date with your friends’ games and online status.

Discover all the latest games, news and hardware for your PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation 2.

Read all the announcements on the European PlayStation.Blog. Share your favourite products or news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.

The first version (1.0) will be able in the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands.

So great news for European fans of the Playstation, the rest of us will have to wait for a version here in the US. If any of our European readers nabs this application when it is released, send us some screenshots! We’d love to see it on an actual phone. You can expect this to be available ‘soon’.

It certainly wouldn’t be hard to add a category for Playstation Android phone games… alright I’ll stop.

Website Referenced: EuroDroid

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