Old School RuneScape Gets Clan Support in its Latest Update

Old School RuneScape, Jagex’s enormously popular cross-platform MMORPG, has just got support for clans in its latest update.

The clans update adds a new Clan hub feature to the game. You can visit this location to create, discover, and manage clans of up to 500 players. There’s also a new recruitment board, clan menus, and other features designed to make mass organization easier.

Plus, Old School RuneScape now features Clan Halls, where members of a particular clan can seek sanctuary from the exhausting grind of life in Gielinor.

Old School RuneScape Mobile Android

Clan leaders can give clan members ranks, with each rank having its own role in the hierarchy, and its own degree of power. These are named after army ranks in the first instance, but you can change them.

Jagex has kindly set up a livestream explaining the new clan functionality in Old School RuneScape. You can watch it here.

And you can download Old School RuneScape for free here.

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