OUYA promising developers quick game approval process for submitted games

More OUYA news coming out of the DICE Summit that is going on right now and this time it is in regards to developers who want to get their games onto the Android powered console. OUYA is promising that there will be a quick approval process for developers and their submitted games.

OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman says the whole process is a lot like how it is done on mobile:

It’s similar to mobile: they’ll submit their games, and we’ll review for intellectual property infringement, and malware, and excessive pornography. But ultimately it’s a quick review and you’re in the storefront in one capacity or another. – Julie Uhrman, CEO OUYA

We aren’t exactly sure what mobile platform Julie Uhrman is talking about because Android doesn’t have an approval process at all and Apple has a ridiculously slow approval process at times. It seems OUYA will be following a few patterns that mobile does including releasing new hardware each year which OUYA announced yesterday.

The ability for developers to upload their games for approval just went live as well. The approval process is currently being ironed out though and Julie expects that it will be ready to roll somewhere around the middle or near the end of this month.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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