OUYA Receives an Update Titled “Chickcharney”

The open Android based gaming system, OUYA, has just gotten a new update that is being called “Chickcharney.” The update brings many improvements for both gamers and developers.

The biggest feature of this update is Community Content. While not the kind of feature you’ll see right away, it will allow games to easily implement a way to share creations from users made in games. For example, level editors can use this feature so creators can share their content with others. The title DUCK GAME will be one of the first games to use this feature, along with a new game titled BattleRoom.

Other improvements have been made across the board, including faster load times, and smoother scrolling in DISCOVER. Games can now also be purchased in bundles, the first of which brings ChopLifterHD and The Bard’s Tale together. There are also many bug fixes and other small improvements, that can be found in the full update notes. For developers, new videos have been added that explain how to better, you guessed it, develop! Unity is also now easier to use.

I haven’t bought an OUYA yet, and right now with so many other ways to game, it just hasn’t appealed to me. This news should be good for all owners of the system. Seems like we are way past the days of OUYA getting the cops called on them outside of E3.

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