Pac-Man 256 breaks 5 million downloads already and makes guest appearance in Crossy Road

The recently released Hipster Whale / Bandai Namco game Pac-Man 256 has already broken the 5 million download mark which is impressive even still after such a short period of time. This number is for the game’s download on both Android and iOS, and it isn’t surprising either.

We are very happy to see such a fantastic start, the game is the top downloaded game in 98 countries for all categories and in 104 countries for game categories including USA, UK and Japan! We want to thank all the individuals involved in this project and above all: our players! – Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver and Hipster Whale representatives

In order to celebrate, Crossy Road now has some Pac-Man love within it as players can now play as Pac-Man or Pac-Chicken (which is a a chicken wearing a Pac-Man t-shirt) for free. However it doesn’t end there. Players can also find ways to unlock the Pac-Man ghosts as well, which means you can play as Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

This Pac-Man content should be available in Crossy Road now. If you haven’t checked out Pac-Man 256, you can download that game off of Google Play for free as well.

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