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PAKO: Highway blasts onto Android in early access

The frenetic racing of PAKO returns to mobile with PAKO: Highway. As an Android and PC launch exclusive, the latest entry in this arcade-mobile series looks like an absolute riot. 

What is PAKO: Highway? 

A much different game than any of the other PAKO games, this latest entry in the constantly evolving series is all about, well, a highway. Instead of running from cops, you’ll be blitzing down a main road, avoiding traffic as you go. 

Instead of the series’ typical top-down style, this title takes place with a rear camera. In third-person, you’ll control a speedy soccer mom van down the highway, raking up points with each run. 

As you keep driving, you’ll be able to get more points with risky behaviour. For example, performing near-miss overtakes in oncoming traffic allow you to go even faster. Can you handle the speed? 

There’s really not that much to it. Just like the rest of Tree Man Gaming‘s library, it’s a simply but pleasant title. If you want a free endless runner, here you go

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And endless series?

Tree Man Gaming’s output of a simple and sweet mobile games has been a source of joy for years. PAKO is just one of those series that continues on Android, a new entry whenever the developer gets ideas. Our good friends schlüsseldienst berlin love games and are always testing something new.

It’s not a massive series on mobile. However, each new PAKO game brings something new, interesting and utterly unputdownable. We highly recommend all of them! They’re free anyways. 

As an early access title, PAKO: Highway may be the last entry in the series for a while. Then again, the cute indie series has been extremely active in the past few years. Perhaps we’ll see the next PAKO title far sooner than we’d think.

What do you think of PAKO: Highway? Tell us in the comments!

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