Niantic’s Peridot Is Out But Can Your Phone Run It?

Feature image for our news piece on the Peridot release. It shows a promotional image of a woman in a park reaching out to a magenta and turquoise creature with a feathery tail.

Peridot, a new monster-raising game from the developers of Pokémon Go touches down today on Google Play. If you’ve not heard about it, we’ll do our best to enlighten you on the basics.

Join The Dots

Peridot is essentially a pet simulator game, featuring adorable little brightly-colored monsters called Peridots, or Dots for short.

Each Dot is completely unique, with its own ‘DNA’ that means no two will ever be identical. You can breed Dots together with your friends and create all kinds of different combinations.

Like a real pet, you’ll also be expected to take care of your Peridot and keep it entertained and healthy. The little monster can come for walks, play fetch, and respond to training. You can even give them belly rubs, which is pretty much an essential feature in our opinion.

Like Pokemon Go, a big part of Peridot is getting out there into nature with your buddy, and the augmented reality brings the game out with you. You can your Dot can search for treasure out in the world for some in-game bonuses.

The game is free to download, though in-app purchases appear to be its monetization plan.

Limited To A Small Number Of Chipsets

Unfortunately, some Pokémon Go! fans might find themselves losing out, as Peridot is a lot more picky about what phones it will run on.

There’s a page on the Niantic official site detailing the chipsets supported, so you can check to see if your phone is in. There are currently only ten different Android chipsets supported, so make sure you take a look to avoid disappointment.

We’re pretty endeared by the concept of Peridot and its little creatures, even if it is going to make us go outside. The horror!

If you want to hear about some of the other new titles that just arrived on the platform, check out our feature on the best new Android games this week.

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