Persian Maze by PS Games

Persian Maze, developed by PS Games, is a new ball rolling maze game with all sorts of obstacles to get through before you can make it to the next stage. Tiles that drop out from under you, enemy spiked balls, floor spikes, twisters and more are all there to stop you from getting out of each maze successfully. This game kept it simple though with clean 2D graphics.

To control your ball you can use the trackball (which is a lot easier to control your ball with) or you can swipe your finger across your screen in the direction you want the ball to go. Along the way you will collect gold coin, dodge obstacles and make your way to the exit which is all a lot easier if you are using the trackball to control your ball.


  • Multiple profiles available to create
  • Bright and crisp 2D graphics
  • Entertaining sounds
  • Touch screen (swipe) or Trackball controls
  • Difficulty increases as you get further in the game
  • High Scoreboard


While the game itself was kept simple, it offers up a lot of challenge and replay value as you can play each stage more then once to try to beat your scores. Also everything about the game just says ‘fun’ and it is whether you play it casually or sit down and try to finish it in one sitting, it doesn’t really get boring at any point.

You can try the first three level in the Demo version available on the Android market or grab the full version for €1.99 (roughly $2.96USD depending on the exchange rate). Both are also available on SlideMe for those of you who do not have access to paid apps/games.

Developer Website: PS Games

Direct Market Link: Persian Maze

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