Pitch Jumper is an upcoming platformer that uses your music for more than just background noise

It seems that integrating music into games on a more interactive level is becoming a rather popular thing to do as of late. Some games have done it very successfully such as Beat Hazard Ultra whose developer recently reported that the game has made over $2.2 million across all the platforms it is available on since the game’s launch. Impressive for a one-man development team. Now we have another game on the way called Pitch Jumper which uses your own music in a pretty unique way.

Developed by a small team of students at UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), Pitch Jumper will use your own music to create the levels in this rather colorful looking platformer. The game uses a formula that the students came up with that takes the song’s tempo, music density and perceived loudness and creates the level you are about to play with that data.

This also means that the game technically could have an infinite amount of levels to play with each one being different. You just have to change the music you want to hear before playing the game. The formula is limited in terms of how many elements it has available to combine in order to form the levels you play.

In regards to the game itself, players will be in control of a little mouse with big ears. Basically the rodent version of Dumbo. Players can use their mouse’s ears to glide across gaps and over enemies as you make your way across the side-scrolling levels being generated by your music. There are also other hazards to deal with as well as environmental elements that could help you along such as musical pipes that provide upwards propulsion.

So what is the goal of this game? To collect as many musical notes as possible. There are also different colored musical notes that provide a multiplier to your points. Of course there is a leaderboard to compete in as well.

Right now there is no exact release date for the Android version of Pitch Jumper, only that it is coming soon. Since it was just released onto iOS, hopefully it won’t take long to make the jump over to Google Play.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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