Day: 6 August 2013


Sega launches a comeback campaign for Kingdom Conquest II, returning players offered a special prize

Sega has decided to launch a ‘comeback campaign’ for their Kingdom Conquest II title on Android and iOS. This little promotion of theirs is geared towards players who haven’t logged into the game between June 25th and July 25th, 2013. If you happen to have not played the game during that month of time, and you log into the game before September 5th, 2013, you’ll receive a rather large package called the “Super Luxurious Eleven Item Set”.


Pitch Jumper is an upcoming platformer that uses your music for more than just background noise

It seems that integrating music into games on a more interactive level is becoming a rather popular thing to do as of late. Some games have done it very successfully such as Beat Hazard Ultra whose developer recently reported that the game has made over $2.2 million across all the platforms it is available on since the game’s launch. Impressive for a one-man development team. Now we have another game on the way called Pitch Jumper which uses your own music in a pretty unique way.