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Pixel RPG Unknown Knights Charges Onto Android

Feature image for our Unknown Knights news piece. It shows several pixel art characters fighting monsters that look like slimes with different colors and coating.

Unknown Knights, a new casual RPG dropped on Android, with a tiny Kingdom available to explore for free, well, if you can resist dropping money on the gacha of course.

So, what’s Unknown Knights? It’s a cute little pixel art RPG where you put together a little squad of fighters and rampage your way across the countryside battling everyone who dares to stand in your way.

A Cute Little Romp Through A Medieval Kingdom

The art direction is adorable and the characters look reminiscent of old-school Maplestory, with big old heads and anime eyes. It’s easy to forget that they’re out to commit an awful lot of violence in your name.

Despite the title, Unknown Knights brings a wide variety of character classes to the table, from assassin to warrior, and leveraging the skills of each, knowing who to bring along and who to leave behind, is a lot of the key to success.

In addition to classes, each of the characters has their own special moves that set them apart from everyone else.

Battling And Building

If your troops need a bit of a boost, it’s possible to use synergies to combine more than one together into a more powerful, stat-boosted form.

Characters can also get different weapons to boost their capabilities, which means there’s a bit of flexibility built in, and you may not have to drop your faves too quickly.

Adventuring has its perks. Earning money lets you upgrade the buildings and the facilities at your base to benefit you and buff your little guys permanently.

If this all sounds like your speed, then you can hop on over to the Google Play listing and take a closer look.

If you’re not won over and want to check out something else, have a look at our feature on the best new Android games this week for some fresh titles to try out for yourself.

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