Plants vs Zombies 2 receives a major content update with The Lost City Part 1

EA has announced today that Plants vs Zombies 2 has received the first of a couple of major updates. Tabbed as Lost City part 1, Plants vs Zombies 2 now has 16 new levels (with golden and molten feels to them), four new tropical plants, and ten lovely new zombies (including an excavator zombie that wields a shovel).

There is also a new mechanic called the Golden Tile Sun which is a tile that produces sunlight. Even though at first this seems like a small change, it actually can change a lot of the dynamic with how you play the game. Of course that depends on your style of play.

In Lost City Part 1, players can dig into:

– 16 New Golden and Molten Levels
– 10 New Zombies including specials: Zombug, Excavator, Zombie Jane and Lost Pilot
– 4 New Plants: A.K.E.E., Red Stinger, Endurian and Premium Plant Lava Guava
– Gold Tile Sun Mechanic: Get Sun the first time you plant on a Golden Tile and continue to collect as long as the plant remains on the tile
– speeding up the sun economy for faster planting in the level

Plants vs Zombies 2 is free to download and play, with optional IAPs available as well. You can check out the new update in action with the trailer below. If you have this game installed you can, of course, just download the update since its available now.

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