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Plant Nanny 2 Gamifies Drinking to Help You Hydrate

Far too many of us (me included) fail to drink enough water. While some people demonstrate an admirable commitment to their ongoing hydration, most of us just blunder through life drinking the odd cup of tea or fizzy drink, but otherwise waiting for thirst to kick in before turning on the tap. 

This is a great shame, because drinking water is pretty much the simplest and most effective thing we can do to make ourselves healthier. Water lubricates your joints, reduces your blood pressure, preserves your kidneys, helps you lose weight, and so much more. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to make yourself drink more: download Plant Nanny 2.

This ingenious app, which was featured among Google’s Best Apps of 2019, basically gamifies the act of drinking. It gives you a plant to care for, and regularly reminds you to water it – and to water yourself at the same time.

Eventually your plant will level-up to the point that it can graduate to the greenhouse, and you’ll be given a new plant to tend. Each watering will see it flourish a bit more, its big wet eyes and winning smile beaming out at you from the screen, until you’ve got a whole nursery of healthy plants. And, if you’ve been good, a healthy body too.

Plant Nanny 2 lets you calibrate everything around your own body data and lifestyle. If you exercise a lot, you need to drink more, so the app ensures you’re always getting the right amount. It gently warns you when you’re drinking too much, too. 

It does this through notifications, and you can customise these as well, so that they come every two, four, or six hours, or at three specific times of your choosing. The beauty of the app is that it rewards your conscientious water consumption with a satisfying animation of a happy plant thriving in your care. 

If you stick to your water regime you’ll keep adding to your plant collection, as well as earning currency to grow your collection of pots. You’ll unlock exotic animals, too, and you can share your progress easily. 

Plant Nanny 2 is the perfect way to encourage a healthy intake of sweet, sweet H2O, and if you download it right here, right now, enter the coupon DGBONUS at this site, and register within two weeks you’ll get 50 seeds for free. 

Water (“what are”)* you waiting for?

*We’re so sorry

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