Plants vs Zombies Heroes comes out of soft launch. Now available in the Play Store!

EA Games and PopCap games have finally released Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. We have been waiting for this one for quite a while. It is a card-based battler and has high production values. It is a great looking game and plays well too. If you are looking for a game with a fair amount of depth and enjoyable art, this is it.

It seems like eons ago when we first heard about this game. Plants vs Zombies is a pretty popular series. I enjoyed playing some of the previous titles, but they didn’t seem to hold my attention for very long. Plants vs Zombies: Heroes is different. Ever since Clash Royale was released, there have been quite a few card-based battle games. EA and PopCap Games has joined the genre, bringing a title that is fun, easy to learn, and has great art and animation.

“Journey through the universe of PvZ Heroes as each action-packed skirmish takes you further along an ever-blooming map. Battle brain-thirsty or botanical foes – each side has a different path to follow. Encounter challenging bosses with tricky powers and abilities and defeat them for legendary rewards!”EA Games/PopCap Games

Long gone is the horizontal field of play. It has been replaced with a portrait  mode of gameplay, much like Clash Royale. The goal is to stack your deck of cards, so that you can take out the zombies at the top part of your screen. There is a fair amount of strategy that goes into the gameplay. As you collect more cards, and gain a better understanding of how to use those cards, the enjoyment level in the game increases. I have to say that the large variety of animations and the different types of cards are what I have enjoyed so far. You can tell that a lot of time went into putting this title together. Our hope is that the game is well-balanced. We have to play more to find that out.

Plants vs Zombies: Heroes Features:

  • Form your team. Ever hero needs a crew. Build yours and diversify your skills by collecting teammates – from the characters you know and love, to daring new plants and zombies.
  • Go on a courageous adventures.
  • Play against friends and foes. Test your team when you take on other players in exciting real-time matches. 
  • Daily missions from Crazy Dave
  • Collect unique heroes and take them into battle.
  • Craft all your favorite Rare and Legendary characters by recycling extra cards from your collection
  • Create a Friend’s List and challenge them to battle in real time.
  • Save your progress and collection when you play on different devices by signing into Google Play or Facebook.

If you have played other card-battle type games, you pretty much know what to expect here, but in a Plants vs Zombies setting. We know what you may be thinking, ‘I am so tired of zombies!” However, EA/PopCap Games have done a great job with this title. I am woefully skeptical of any game with zombies in it these days, but I like what I see so far. Only time will tell if it all holds up.

Plants vs Zombies is a free-to-play title. Yes, IAP’s top out at $99.99 like so many of them do these days. The cheapest IAP is $1.99 The primary currency in the game is coins and gems. They allow you to buy different packs of cards, which will have cards in them that range from uncommon to rare. 

If you are a fan of the series, or enjoy card based strategy games, it is worth looking into Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. The game has good gameplay, fantastic art, animation and music. Let us know what you think if you download. We are going to play it quite a bit more to see how far we can get in the game.


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