Play games, earn/buy special in-game collectible in Google Play’s Collectibles Week

For those of you out there, myself included, with O.C.D issues when it comes to collecting things, real and virtual, Google has launched a week long event to really feed into those O.C.D issues. Welcome to the wonderful world of Collectibles Week on Google Play.

For the next week there will be exclusive collectible in-game items within certain games that, if you play those games, you can nab and add to your collection of virtual stuff. Some are free while others are in-game purchases (most of them seem to be) but all are limited edition items. For example, if you play Stardom you can get an Android-themed T-shirt. In Glu’s Deer Hunter Reloaded, you can grab yourself an ugly tie. Literally, that’s what it is called, the Ugly Tie.

Example of collectibles

There looks to be a total of 24 games involved in this weird but interesting promotion and this is available for everyone, not just US Residents. Actually, there are 24 games in this promotion for US Residents and 25 for international Android gamers. Remember, this only lasts a week so you only have a short time to try and collect everything. Hit up the links below to check out the list of collectible goodies you can nab and what games they are available in.

Source: Google+

Google Play Link: US Collectibles | International Collectibles

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