Play Wii games on your Android tablet using Dolphin and Splashtop HD

If you follow this site on a regular basis then you already know about a great little app called Splashtop Remote HD which will let you stream whatever is on your PC/laptop onto your Android device. This is great if you want to play browser MMORPGs or any other browser game for that matter.

The developers of Splashtop Remote HD apparently have a gaming orientated one in the works which will let you do things like map out buttons and areas for touch screen controls for more complicated game user interfaces as found in World of Warcraft and similar games. However, the current versions of Splashtop Remote HD actually do a pretty good job as it is. Now the gentlemen who put Wii games onto the PSP and the iPod Touch has brought Wii games to Android as well.

How does he do it? Using the open-source Dolphin emulator on his PC he can load up the Wii games he wants to play. From there it is just a matter of loading up Splashtop Remote HD on your PC and Android Tablet and you’re set. He even throws in an Xbox 360 remote to play with and round off everything nicely. Check out the video of all of this in action. He is using an Asus Transformer Android tablet to play Wii games on.

Website Referenced: Engadget

Android Market Links: Splashtop Remote | Splashtop Remote HD

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