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Microsoft wants to bring as much of Xbox Live to Android as possible

We already have the Xbox One SmartGlass application which allows people to access their Xbox Live account and do a few things like tweak your avatar or experience second-screen gaming on select Xbox One titles. We knew it wouldn’t be long before this was expended and more of Xbox Live would become more available through your Android device. This is exactly what Microsoft has announced today.

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Microsoft clarifies a few things, only Age of Empires is coming to Android

The other day news came out that Microsoft was gearing up to release some of their more classic games onto Android with the first game slated for release being the original Age of Empires. There was also speculation that other titles would soon be following as well. Today Head of Microsoft Studio Phil Spencer came out to clarify a few things regarding the news from a few days ago.

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Watch all the E3 Press events live here or on TwitchTV

While a few major gaming sites have their own live streams set up for the upcoming E3 2013 press conferences, TwitchTV also have their own official live stream of the press conferences coming up. Not only that, the company will also be covering booths and other aspects of E3 2013 live as well. The first press event is that of Microsoft’s Xbox event but there are a total of four major press events today.

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Microsoft’s Xbox Smartglass updated with 7″ tablet support and bug fixes

The recently released Xbox Smartglass application from Microsoft received an update yesterday that brings with it support for 7″ Android tablets. Up until now the Xbox Smartglass application was only available for Android phones and even then it wasn’t every phone but at least it was available for a good portion of them. Tablets, on the other hand, were completely left out in the dark.