Pocket Legends update rolled out: Xperia Play controls and in-game billing

Spacetime Studios hit MMORPG, Pocket Legends, has just had a new update roll out onto the Android Market. While not specifically for content, there are a couple of big new features that now are included with the game. First, Xperia Play control support which should make you Xperia Play owners happy!

While Star Legends will come right out of the box with Xperia Play control support, Pocket Legends has already been out for awhile so this new control scheme for Xperia Play owners will be a nice change for them. Playing either game is great using the controls from what we have experienced from E3. Here are the controls:

  • L1: Cycle skill row left
  • R1: Cycle skill row right
  • DPAD LEFT: Move player
  • DPAD RIGHT: Move camera
  • SELECT: Health Potion
  • START: Mana Potion
  • Menu: Menu
  • UP: Chat
  • DOWN: Untarget
  • LEFT: Cycle target left
  • LEFT: Cycle target right
  • X: Attack


On top of that, Pocket Legends now includes in-game billing. This means it is now easier to buy Platinum (the in-game currency) in order to access new areas and buy special items. If you are used to the old way of purchasing Platinum you can still do that too but with in-game billing through Google now available, it will be much easier for most people.

On a side note, our friends at Spacetime Studios always enjoy sharing fun facts about themselves or their games. They sent us a couple of interest bits of info for you guys to check out:

  • More than four million people have played Pocket Legends
  • Pocket Legends is currently played in 200 countries
  • Pocket Legends has been updated more than 200 times
  • The technology backbone of Pocket Legends — the Spacetime Engine — took five years and 10 million dollars to build


So it’s time to update Pocket Legends everyone! We won’t keep you any longer, especially you Xperia Play owners eager to try out the new controls! Enjoy!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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