PocketMine-MP – Software that will let you run a Minecraft: Pocket Edition server from your PC

Minecraft: Pocket Edition players know that Mojang is working on true online multiplayer that could arrive as soon as the 0.6.0 update if all goes well. However, up until now, and until that update comes out, we’ve been trying various ways to create a true Minecraft: Pocket Edition server whether it be hosted off your device or on a PC. We’ve seen a few projects aiming towards this goal but now it seems one has actually accomplished this and it’s called PocketMine-MP.

This software will let you host a Minecraft: Pocket Edition server right off of your PC or Mac (supports Linux too) and functions also like a normal Minecraft server. It also has an API that allows for the development of plug-ins for the server so you can customize it a you want with these plug-ins.

Interestingly enough the only thing you need installed on your PC in order to run a server, aside from the software itself, is PHP. While you can keep the server confined to your local network it also comes with the ability to allow from connections online simply by port forwarding the software. Thankfully that option also comes built-in to the software now for those of you who hate fiddling with stuff like port forwarding.

The software is available for download for free, you just need a PC or Mac to install it on. Keep in mind that the bigger the server, the better the hardware you need to have although it appears that this server software isn’t as draining as the real Minecraft server software when it comes to resources. There is also a plug-in repository where you can submit plug-ins and download other user created plug-ins for your server.

It looks like the crew here at DroidGamers has a project this weekend to do and that’s setting up the official DroidGamers server for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for our readers. If you want to host your own server, just download and install the software (remember you need PHP installed as well) and you’re set. If you do start your own software, let us know in the comments below.

One last thing to note, I would consider the current release of this software as a beta release that is still in development so there might be some bugs. Right now Creative mode has been fully implemented, but the survival mode is a work in progress still.

Official Website: PocketMine-MP

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