Pokémon GO’s Buddy Adventure Feature Has Been Detailed in a New Trailer

Right in time for the holiday season, Niantic has released a brand new Pokémon GO trailer that shows off the upcoming Buddy Adventure feature.

This awesome feature allows you to bond with your Pokémon like never before – just as if you had your own Pokémon in real life.

Pokémon GO Gets the Buddy Adventure Feature Next Year

You can stroke them on-screen, play with them in AR, and feed them Berries, levelling up your friendship with them.

There are a bunch of activities that you can perform every day to grow your friendship with your favourite Pokémon. These include walking, feeding, playing, battling, taking a snapshot, and visiting a new place with your Buddy.

Keep it up and you’ll go from Good Buddy to Best Buddy in no time, with Great Buddy and Ultra Buddy in between. Levelling up your friendship provides you with numerous benefits, from seeing your Buddy on the map screen to a CP boost.

While the feature isn’t quite available just yet, you can get a taster by watching the trailer above. You can also use it as a perfect excuse to grab Pokémon GO on Google Play right now.

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