Popular board game Carcassonne now available with cross-platform multiplayer

Thanks to a new update from Exozet, their version of the popular strategy board game Carcassonne on Android (and other platforms) now has the ability to play against other people on other platforms with the addition of cross-platform multiplayer. This means that even if your friends own an Windows phone for some reason, you can now play with them.

However, this cross-platform multiplayer feature is a bit on the basic side right now, but it won’t be like this for too long. Right now players only have the option to start a quick match with another player. Exozet is currently working on adding more advance match-making features to their cross-platform multiplayer system that is now in place. These advanced features (friends lists, custom games, etc etc) will arrive in a future update in the not-too-distant future. By that we mean in a few weeks.

So at least it is a start with the multiplayer gameplay with the Quick Match option. You should be able to snag the update now.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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