PSA: G-Gee’s Double Dragon retro fighting game back on the market

You may remember back in the earlier part of this month we talked about G-Gee bringing Double Dragon over to Android for all of us retro gaming freaks. Shortly after it arrived onto the Google Play Store it ended up getting taken down with little word as to why or if it would be back.

Well the reason it was taken down wasn’t due to any licensing issues or copyright violations, G-Gee just had some technical issues to resolve and instead of keeping it up on the market, they temporarily took it down to fix those issues. Well we are guessing the issues have been fixed as a few days ago G-Gee re-released Double Dragon onto Google Play.

For those of you who got the game, it looks like the package name has indeed changed which means future updates might not make it to your version of the game. We have no idea as of right now whether G-Gee will give the new version to current owners of the old version or not. For those of you who missed out on getting Double Dragon, you can do so now for $2.99 by hitting up the link below. We have also updated our store to reflect the new version.

Google Play Link: Double Dragon

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