Quick News: Android Game Releases, Updates and More

From time to time when there is a lot of news but a lot of it isn’t long enough to post you’ll see something like this article. This will let you know of things such as updates to games, re-releases of games and any other Android gaming news. Sometimes there will be a lot and others not so much but it’ll be quick and to the point and humorous sometimes.

Gameloft – As with every Gameloft release for Android there has always been some sort of problem at first. Avatar HD was available awhile ago for what seemed to be maybe an hour or two. After that is was taken down and not a word about it since. Well it seems Gameloft has made Avatar HD available once again so hurry and grab it if you want it. It’s a decent looking game and who knows it might not be there in an hour.

FYI though, this was posted on the Gameloft HTC Evo twitter account for some reason so this may be an exclusive EVO only game. Try it out for free by downloading the trial from Gameloft’s website.

PSX4Droid Update – Version 1.4 of the Playstation emulator for Android, PSX4Droid, is now available for download.


  • Fixed many 3D games such as Gran Turismo 2’s texturing issues.
  • Fixed Final Fantasy 9 bug on load.
  • Fixed Final Fantasy 7 submarine bug.
  • Vastly improved performance while maintaining compatibility.
  • Improved sound quality by removing clicks and pops.
  • Loads games through BIOS for improved compatibility.


Smartphones/Tablets and Gaming especially in 3D – Great article on PC World’s website about the future of gaming on smartphones and tablets and how with software/hardware upgrades coming all the time that they will end up turning into full fledged gaming consoles. Also goes over the idea of gaming using Cloud technology and the issues coming up with heavy mobile gaming and bandwidth. May see an actual article from us here at DroidGamers regarding this.

Android Licenser – Seems like Eddie Kim enjoys the spotlight but this time it isn’t about the ridiculous money he was (and again currently is) making with his Car Locator application. This time it’s about a new set of tools he has released for developers to use to license their games enabling it to be accessed in over 150 countries through Google Checkout without using the Android Market.

This will allow developers to keep 100% of the profits minus Google Checkout fees instead of the straight 70/30 cut the Android Market takes. It’s worth looking into as a developer to help fight piracy of your apps and games. More information about Android Licenser is available at the official website.

As more news that fits the requirements of Quick News comes up we will update this post! Feel free to leave your thought about any of the news posted here in the comments below.

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