Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue has a special attack which now has its own rhythm game

It isn’t often we get to report on a special move a character has from whatever franchise getting its own rhythm-based game. Actually, it has never happened until today. Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue has a special attack called Dead Spike-san which has somehow become popular enough in itself to warrant a spin-off rhythm-based game called EatBeat DeadSpike-san.

EatBeat DeadSpike-san is about Ragna the Bloodedge who has somehow lost his mojo. This is where the storyline for this game starts getting weird… funny… but weird: “No longer the feared, overpowered fighter that he was known to be, Ragna suffered defeat after defeat until his special attack, Dead Spike-san, decided it no longer wanted to be associated with a loser”. Apparently dead Spike-san has had enough and gone off to gain power of its own through the only way it knows how to, by stuffing its mouth and eating everything in sight.

The entire soundtrack that you will be playing to is from BlazBlue, so the songs features in this game include:

– Rebellion II: Ragna the Bloodedge’s Battle Song
– Bullet Dance II: Noel Vermillion’s Battle Song
– Catus Carnival II: Taokaka’s Battle Song
– Reppu II:Bang Shishigami’s Battle Song
– Queen of rose II: Rachel Alucard’s Battle Song
– SUSANOOH II: Hakumen’s Battle Song
– Condemnation Wings II: Tsubaki Yayoi’s Battle Song (Free)
– Lust SIN II: Jin Kisaragi’s Battle Song (Free)
– Marionette Purple II : Carl Clover’s Battle Song (Coming in March)
– Plastic Night II : Relius Clover’s Battle Song (Coming in March)

EatBeat DeadSpike-san has three different difficulty levels to play through. Basically you will be tapping your screen to the beat while food flies across the screen. The more on-time you are to the beat, the more food gets stuffed into EatBeat DeadSpike-san‘s mouth and the stronger he gets.

This game is now available for free off of Google Play and you will have access to two songs for free right off the jump. Additional characters, songs, and items are available as IAPs.

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