Rovio finally announces a release date for their Angry Birds Go kart racing game, shown off with a trailer as well

Rovio has been hinting at a kart racing game for quite some time now but today the company made it official by announcing a release date as well as the first, of probably many, trailers for everyone to check out. There is also a full micro-site for the game now as well which, we must admit, is actually pretty nifty looking.

If you have played any time of kart racing game in the past on any other platform then you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Angry Birds Go. You’ll be racing as, or against, a variety of characters on a variety of tracks. Each character will also have their own special powers. Like any good kart racing game there will also be power-ups to snag throughout each track.

For those of you who are into the Telepod thing (already available for Angry Birds Star Wars II) you’ll be happy to know that this game will also come with support for scanning the Angry Birds toys and having that particular character unlocked in the game to use. In fact Rovio will be giving those of you who buy those toys a head start in unlocking characters in the game with an official ‘countdown app’ where you can scan your Telepods and have more characters available for when the game launches. This app will apparently be available around the end of this month on Google Play.

So when does this new kart racing game arrive? Well the official release date is December 11th, 2013, just in time for the holidays. Until then you can check out the new trailer above or the new micro-site out for additional information.

Official Website: Angry Birds Go

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