[Update] Rovio states that Angry Birds Rio isn’t finished after all

Continuing on with our coverage of how to milk an IP for all it is worth, Rovio has announced today that Angry Birds Rio isn’t over after all since the Smuggler’s Plane update landed in the game back in November 2011. This was announced via their Twitter account a couple of hours ago.

This news comes with the fact that they have just pushed out a second chapter of levels for the Smuggler’s Plane episode in Angry Birds Rio for iOS, which means we will likely see this same update today and if not, within a couple of days on Android. This is great news if you are a fan of Angry Birds Rio and bad news if you wish Rovio would do something different or if you are tired of Angry Birds in general saturating your life.

The new update, according to AngryBirdsNest, contains another 15 levels of Smuggler’s Plane goodness, 8 more Mangos to find, another boss fight to fling your way through and the appearance of the Orange Bird finally. So what does Rovio have in store for Angry Birds Rio aside from another 15 levels for Smuggler’s Plane? Who knows but as AngryBirdsNest pointed out, this could be a hint at a new Rio movie on the way.

Update 3:15pm January 26th, 2012: The update for the second chapter in Smuggler’s Plane is now available on the Amazon App Store. That means the Android Market version should be on its way as well. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Website Referenced: Rovio’s Angry Birds Twitter

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