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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Promises “Desktop-Level Gaming” According to Qualcomm

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Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy S23 in an impressively animated trailer, revealing all the intricate details on the specs that will make up this powerful phone. Furthermore, we finally know how much we’ll have to spend to get our hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest. But is it worth upgrading?

The Samsung S series is the company’s flagship model of Android smartphones. The S series began way back in 2010 with the launch of the Galaxy S. Fast forward 13 years, and Samsung is just unveiling it’s S23 lineup.

Specs And Price Revealed

Samsung has once and for all confirmed the specs and price for this beast of a phone, and we’ll no longer have to speculate.

The standard model, the Galaxy S23, retails at £849, or roughly $1049. The Galaxy S23+ model is a fair bit more expensive, coming in at £1049, or roughly $1300. The Galaxy 23 Ultra costs £1249, or roughly $1530, making it the most expensive of the Galaxy S23s.

Samsung’s website has revealed the processor to be none other than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Qualcomm, the developer of the Snapdragon chips, states that Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has been able to give “desktop-level gaming”, and that the chip has been able to achieve stable framerates of up to 144FPS.

But the Snapdragon isn’t just all about high framerates – the screen is stunning, too. As the chip features Qualcomm’s Adreno HDR Fast Blend, you can play your favourite games in the highest HDR quality.

The flagship Samsung phone wouldn’t be complete without an impressive refresh-rate. The S23 comes with a 120Hz screen, allowing you to fully utilise the Snapdragon technology, and game both casually and competitively.

Worth The Upgrade?

The obvious question when the next best phone comes out is – should you upgrade?

There’s a lot of different angles to consider when looking at this question, but it mostly depends on your context. Upgrading from, in extreme cases, your original Galaxy S phone from 2010 would seem like a jump to hyperspace. Upgrading from your Galaxy S22, however? Perhaps not.

Like the newer model, the Galaxy S22 features a Snapdragon processor, except it’s a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Comparisons, such as the one we looked at on, highlights Gen 2 to be only 5% faster in gaming performance. £850 is a lot to pay for such a small boost!

Furthermore, The S22’s screen is 120Hz, so there won’t be any value in upgrading in terms of refresh rate.

The Galaxy S23 is an amazing phone on it’s own, but when you’ve already got an S22, you might want to hold off on upgrading.

Different Models, Different Specs

The Galaxy S23 isn’t the only phone that Samsung is launching. The S23 looks to be the standard, with it’s bigger siblings, the S23 Ultra and the S23+ having additional features.

Samsung listed a chart on it’s website that compared all of the stats, but it seems like the most noticeable difference is the screen size, along with their respected resolutions. The more expensive the model, the nicer the screen. Along with this, you’ll be getting more storage the more you pay.

If you’re also looking forward to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A series, have a read of our article detailing it.

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