Samsung will have a new Gear VR headset available in November for $99

During today’s keynote at the Oculus Connect event, Samsung announced a new headset that will be an improvement over the current one, and that it will cost a mere $99 as well. How exactly it will be better wasn’t really expanded upon too much, but it will work with more phones.

This new Gear VR headset will be able to use all of Samsung’s 2015 flagship phones, which includes Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6 edge +. The other bit of information that was mentioned was that the hardware itself will be 22% lighter. This should make it much more comfortable to wear.

The side touchpad has also been revised and received an upgraded design, but that’s as far as Samsung decided to talk about that feature. Obviously the best part about the whole announcement is that there won’t be much of a wait if you want one of these headsets. Samsung plans to have these on sale in November 2015 and only costing you a cool $99.

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